On my recent trip to Marrakech I wanted to do something different, something I’d never done before, have an adventure and see beyond the city walls.

We found a tour that seemed perfect, included everything we wanted all for a great price and even better reviews, look at God! We booked it the day before because you know we like tempting fate and lucky for us it was still available!

The day was here! Dressed in comfortable clothes and trainers, we set out with the driver sent to pick us up. On the way, we picked up a couple, who turned out to be newlyweds on their honeymoon from America and the guy was Nigerian (Not that he ever said though, his wife let it slip later repeating that it’s his father who is Nigerian, not him).

We started our drive out of the city, leaving the bustling manic streets of the Medina behind and trading them for quiet serene stretches of road. As we drove my friend pointed out the similarities between these roads and the express ways (motorways) in Lagos. I was immediately transported back to my mum’s Honda Legend, the boot packed with all my belongings as she took me back to boarding school on the Lagos- Ibadan expressway.

As the car slowed down and we saw the camels on the side of the road, we knew we had reached our first stop. We got dressed in royal blue kaftans while our heads were wrapped Berber style right before we mounted our camels.

Mounting a camel is scary! It’s amazing how high up you are on them and then they swing you forward first before finally fully standing and guyyssss I thought I was going to fall right off! Once we were going I felt more comfortable and it was an amazing experience (minus the smell, Wooo they stink!).

Off our camels now, we’re off to our second stop for some traditional Moroccan breakfast and visit an Argan oil Co-operative. The fastest speaking woman I’ve ever met took us on a tour, we watched the women of the co-operative grind the Argan into oil and she talked us through the different products it can be made into which are also on sale in the co-op. The view just outside the co-op was amazing!!

Off we went again on the road to view a traditional Berber village from the road! On the way we drove through Asni, a small town where the Berber market takes place on Saturday.

One more stop before the hike, Richard Branson’s hotel location sat on a hill with the most beautiful backdrop. I conquered my fear of heights to climb on this stone to take a picture but my heart was beating HARD!

Pictures taken and legs stretched; we set of on one of the most scenic drives I think I’ve ever been on. Every time I slept and opened my eyes what I saw outside was beautiful, from hills to caverns to lakes, I looked on in awe.

Hike time! We met our awesome hike guide and this guy was amazing! He’s from Imlil and works as a hiking/mountaineering guide to the Atlas Mountain so he was super knowledgeable and had some amazing stories to tell.

Before the hike, we needed to EAT! At this point I was already starving so I wouldn’t wait. We went to eat at a Berber family guesthouse and this, without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST meal I had in Morocco! The tagine was so well seasoned with all the fresh vegetables and potatoes; it’s a meal I could eat over and over again.

Walking through the village felt like taking a step back in time, men and women on donkeys, goats running around, men climbing trees on shake walnuts off, It was eye opening.

Now I was full and ready to face this hike head on. We walked for about 2/3 hours making our way to the largest and highest village in Imlil Valley. Our journey took us past waterfalls, rivers, gardens with wall nut trees and breathtakingly beautiful vistas. I knew I was unfit but this hike showed me just how unfit I was, chil’ I thought I was going to die! Even Mohammed kept asking if I was still alive haha.

At the end of the tour, we headed back to our car and our guide, Mohammed gave all of us souvenirs to remember our trip. The girls got bracelets and the guys got little chachkis. I slept almost all the way back into the Medina, my elation masking my hunger and exhaustion. It was a ay well spent and an experience I will truly cherish for a while to come.

I would FULLY recommend doing a day trip if you can during your time in Morocco. It offers such a different point of view from the city that I think provides a much more immersive experience.

If anyone wants the link to the tour we took, just send me an email on the contact page or DM me on Instagram and I’ll send it through!

Until next time,

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