As someone with a 9 to 5 , I try my best to fit in as many trips as I can while working. This means that I have to be savvy with my annual leave days and bank holidays (aka public holidays). So looking for the best long weekend trips in Europe has been essential in being able to see more of the world with a full time job. 

Weekend or long weekend travel is perfect if you work full-time because you only need to use one or two holiday days and sometimes even none, if done correctly! All my Europe travels have been long weekend or weekend trips, so I thought to share my reccomendations on 12 of the best destinations in Europe for weekend trips!

Here are my 12 Best Long Weekend Trips in Europe!

Best Weekend Trips in Europe

1.) Split, Croatia

Marjan Hill View over Split city - Best weekend trips in Europe
Split Ethnographic Museum - Best weekend trips in Europe

Not only is Split an amazing city to visit for a Europe long weekend (especially if you’re a Game of Thrones fan), there are also quite a few super cool things to do in Split. Everywhere you turn the views are stunning and the city is steeped with history. Split is Croatia’s second largest city but still has a small-town feel to it. So if you want to skip some of the crowds in Dubrovnik, Split is a city to consider! 

I’ve also got a guide to exploring Split to help you plan your visit to this awesome city and see it in the best way!

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2.) Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn view across river - Best weekend trips in Europe

Copenhagen is one of the best weekend trips in Europe because you can easily see a lot of the city in a few days. Full of culture, great food and a little quirk, I really loved visiting Copenhagen for the weekend. You might be thinking Copenhagen isn’t very budget friendly but trust me, there are ways to enjoy your weekend in Copenhagen on a Budget.

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3.) Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia - Best Weekend trips in Europe
Arc de Triomf Barcelona - Best Weekend trips in Europe

Barcelona is one of the best places for a long weekend trips in Europe and one of my absolute favourite cities to visit. I’ve visited three whole times already and even spent my birthday there! It is home to one of my favourite structures EVER, The Sagrada Familia, and of course lots of beautiful Gaudi creations.

Let’s not forget the nightlife, you’ll have a ball here, I know I have! A weekend is perfect to visit Barcelona as it gives you an excuse to keep coming back and seeing more of what the city has to offer each time. Trust me, Barcelona for the weekend is a no brainer!

4.) Prague, Czech Republic

Easily one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Europe, Prague has a wealth of sights to see that will keep you busy for a weekend (and then some!). Prague usually doesn’t come to mind when thinking of Europe breaks but, with its pastel-coloured buildings, cobbled streets, and unique art, a weekend in Prague is an absolutely perfect city break! And with Prague being a compact city, a lot of the sites are nearby which means you can see a lot of them easily over a weekend in Prague! 

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5.Berlin, Germany

Long weekends in Berlin are a BLAST and I speak from experience, the city is so full of energy! Now, saying that, it’s impossible to see everything on a weekend in Berlin but you will have an amazing time regardless. And you’ll have another excuse to another long weekend visit to Berlin and that’s a great feeling. Berlin is huge hub of design, fashion, culture, art and music. And let’s not even get started on Potsdam!

6.) Thessaloniki, Greece

View from top of white tower in Thessaloniki - best long weekend trips in Europe

This was the first city I visited solo and for that, it will always have a special place in my heart. Thessaloniki is a perfect city for long weekend trips in Europe and one I would fully recommend. The city is compact enough to hit the major spots in a weekend and the best part, it is VERY affordable! My entire trip here cost me under £300 including flights, accommodation and spending, which is insane. I would return to Thessaloniki in a heart beat, it’s a little Greek gem!

The White tower Thessaloniki
The White Tower

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7.) Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Rotterdam is a city I visited on a whim as a result of a poll I did on my Instagram (Crazy, I know!) while I was literally on the train to Amsterdam! Even though I was only there for a day technically, I would definitely recommend it for a weekend trip. It has such a cool and artsy vibe and I felt extremely comfortable as a solo black woman. It’s also less busy than Amsterdam and lately, also much more affordable to visit.

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8.) Bordeaux, France

Porte Cailhau

Bordeaux is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway or city break! You can appreciate the architecture, enjoy a visit to some of the most famous vineyards in the world or spend a day at tallest sand dune in Europe! Whether you are travelling solo, with friends or family, spending a weekend in the vibrant city of Bordeaux is a great idea!

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9.) Budapest, Hungary

An ideal long weekend destination in Europe is Budapest. Budapest is LOVED by a lot of travellers (and locals) for so many reasons. From the diversity & variety of activities you could get into, the rich & open culture that goes beyond museums and theatres but one that is important to the people to the bustling and vibrant nightlife. Best of all, it is affordable, which makes Budapest perfect for a long weekend break in Europe!

10.) Porto, Portugal

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

We all know about Lisbon, but lets shine some light on the wonderful city of Porto! Porto is in the north of Portugal and is an excellent destination for city breaks in Europe. Enjoy some Port wine in it’s origin city, visit the Dom Luis I Bridge, the Sao Bento railway station (one of the most beautiful train stations in the world!) , and the Duoro river. A visit to Porto is never a bad idea!

11.) Seville, Spain

Photo by Joan Oger on Unsplash

Seville is a compact city that can easily be enjoyed over a long weekend trip in Europe and with minimal planning necessary. It is a beautiful city with gorgeous food, extraordinary architecture, fast-paced flamenco and seduce and home to the world’s largest cathedral – with Columbus’ tomb hidden inside. It’s a city I can’t wait to visit myself for a long weekend!

12.) Rome, Italy

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

There’s no place quite like Rome! I remember walking around the city during my 25th birthday and feeling like I was walking through the pages of history. There’s every thing from the actual Colosseum, Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, to the Roman Forum, the Spanish steps and so much more! There’s so much to see in Rome to fit into one weekend trip, so you definitely won’t be bored. Take your time, enjoy the slower pace, take in the history you’re now a part of.

Where are some of your favourite destinations for a long weekend trip in Europe? Share in the comments! Don’t forget to share and save this!

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  1. These are some really great recommendations! I’ve been to many of these places and they’re all are definitely worth a visit. Personally I would also add Munich and Vienna 🙂

  2. Ah, I wish I lived closer to Europe to be able to take long weekend breaks to these incredible cities. I’ve been to a few on your list but since I live in South Africa, I have to plan longer trips to make the flights there worthwhile. You’ve given me some great ideas for my Europe trip next year though.

    • Yeah! Whenever next you’re in Europe, you can combine a few of these countries to make it worth your while and since they are weekend trips, you can do a few countries in a week!

  3. Great list of places in Europe for a long weekend. I’ve been to most, but still need to get to Seville and Porto! – Saving this post as a reminder to go check them out!

  4. I love the photo of you in Rotterdam with the yellow ceiling! You look so pretty! It’s pretty awesome that those living in Europe can do weekend trips to another country. In the states, we can barely do a weekend trip to a different state they’re so far away let alone a different country. Except Canada, because we live in MI and can see it across the Detroit river haha

    • Thank you! That’s so interesting, I just assumed dong weekend breaks within the country would be easy, like we get to do in Europe. And I love Canada, so that’s a great alternative haha

  5. I had visited the Netherlands back in 2016, but the day trip I had planned to Rotterdam somehow could not get materialized. I am glad you could visit the beautiful place.

  6. How awesome to live close enough to each of these destinations to be able to pop over for a long weekend trip. Someday I hope to be able to live in Europe and have this opportunity.

    • I hope you get the opportunity too, it’s a really great privilege that we have living in Europe.

  7. Love all these Euro break ideas, especially since there’s so much to see in just a weekend’s worth of time. I’d love to check out Copenhagen 🙂

  8. You’ve just given me some great ideas for my next short trip to Europe! There are some places on your list that I’ve been dying to visit for a while now.

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