Travelling can be done in a variety of ways, and one of the best ways to get to know the world at large is to head off the beaten path. We all want to find more secret, hidden gems for some unique experiences that’ll get you some great photos and memories. Most times that doesn’t happen in tourist hotspots! Getting off the beaten track means escaping the tourist grind, finding the experiences you can’t find in guidebooks. You need to do a bit more research into your travel plans, and make sure you’ve got the real spirit of adventure on your side. And to help you with coming up with a proper travel itinerary to suit your wanderlust needs, here are some ways to travel off the beaten path. 

Off the beaten path - picture of Deserted golden sand beach

1. Give Yourself Some Independence

Independence is the number one thing you need to travel off the beaten path! And even if you bring along friends and family and stay in a family tent, there’s a surefire way to get it: hire a vehicle of your own. You’ll be able to travel free and be gone as long as you want, and renting isn’t always as expensive as you might think! 

Now this vehicle can be a car or a bike; as long as you have wheels and can take off on your own whenever you feel like, you’ll be able to get to the real, secret, untrodden areas. You’ll be able to stop whenever you spot a beautiful view, or some abandoned historical ruins, or even just at a little known beach with the most beautiful white sand. 

2. Plan Your Own Route

It’s a good idea to think about creating your own route to take when you want to travel off the beaten path on holiday, as you’ll be able to specifically pick and choose where you’ll head, without having to follow an official guide or an agency’s route. You’ll have a lot more freedom to do what you want, and you’ll feel a lot more like an adventurer! 

Tailor made holidays are getting more and more popular, simply because people want the control to see what’s really out there! And if you want to find a hidden gem, and meet locals, this is the best way to prepare. 

3. Ask Around

Another great thing to do, to help make sure you travel to off the beaten path places and find all the best sites, is to ask around. Get online and join some travel groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, and see what other travellers recommend. Check out sites like Like a Local, where you can get free insider tips and non-touristy recommendations from locals.

If you know any locals, even better! Ask them what they’d do if they had never gone before and wanted to see what the country was really like! Make sure you note down the suggestions for later when you create your ‘official’ itinerary. 

4. Use Google & Google Maps.

Use Google maps to your advantage! Google Maps is full of places you’ve never even heard of, especially in countries with an active online community. Spend some time scrolling through what’s on the map in the area/destination you want to visit. Look at the pictures people post there, their reviews and make a list of destinations that might be interesting to visit. They may not always be what you expect but you know, it’s all about the journey as they say!

5. Travel Slow

When you’ve got the time to spare, slow travel can be one of the best ways to travel off the beaten path. When I do shorter trips, I just hit the main spots and don’t get the chance to explore the wider area. All around the world there are hidden treasures outside of major tourist attractions just waiting to be explored. Traveling slow also gives you more time to research and find the cheapest or best ways to get to the hidden gem you want to explore.

If you want to travel and have some amazingly unique experiences, you need to forge your own path and find a route that suits you, either on or off the beaten path! If you do decide to venture off the neaten path, hop these tips help you on your journey.  

Until Next time xx

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