Most of us are at home; some working, some chilling, and that travel bug in some of us going a little crazy. Since travel is not really an option for the immediate future, who says you can’t travel from the comfort of your home?? It’s free (ish), you don’t need no makeup, you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas! What’s not to love? So get cosy, and get ready to get into these 6 Netflix travel shows that will take you around the world from the comfort of your living room!


By the way, we should all be social distancing at the moment and if you’re not, WHAT IS YOU DOING?? SIT YOUR A** HOME! Cough Cough, now let me get off my high horse and get into this great post.


1 Season; 6 Episodes

netflix travel shows
Restaurants on the Edge – Source

Each episode follows the story of a failing restaurant somewhere in the world on the edge of an amazing view (get it?) and three food and design experts who help revive it. The experts help reconnect the owners to local culture, gorgeous local produce and finding the heart of their restaurant.

My opinion: I finished watching this show last week and I was hooked from the first episode! Ngl, a couple of the hosts got a bit annoying at times haha but it was bearable. So, if you like interior design, food and travel, this is one of the great Netflix travel shows for you!

Restaurants on the Edge – Source


1 Season; 8 Episodes

netflix travel shows
Extreme Engagement – Source

Extreme Engagement follows an engaged Australian couple as they travel around the world for a year; putting their relationship to the test and exploring marriage customs in different cultures; from Cameroon to Mongolia to Nigeria and everywhere in between. Will they get married or call it quits? Watch to find out!

My Opinion: Guys!!! This show is cray cray lol! First of all the different marriage traditions around the world are ASTOUNDING! I don’ want to give too much away but you will go through so many emotions watching this, hate both of them at different point lol and get squeamish but it’s such an eye opening journey.

Extreme Engagement – Source

Want more Travel?


2 Seasons; 12 Episodes

As you watch The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, the thought that crosses your mind is God when???? Where is my house on stilts in the Norwegian woods carved out of rock or my double level swimming pool? Where oh where?? This show celebrates amazing, innovative and thoughtful architecture from around the world.

My Opinion: This is one of my favourite shows!!! I love architecture and I’ve been watching this show on TV long before it made it to Netflix. It’s so aspirational, the different countries they travel to, literally, you’ll be left designing your own house on the edge of a hill somewhere and thinking, I MUST MAKE MONEY IN THIS LIFE!


1 Season; 9 Total Episodes

netflix travel shows
Street Food – Source

Street Food takes you on an exploration of some of the world’s most vibrant cities, where rich cultures are discovered through street food and that chefs that cook them. 

My Opinion: What I loved about this show, beside the food, was the personal, interesting and moving stories of the vendors. I loved how many of them have or are being passed down from one generation to another. My fave chef was Jay Fai, the 71 yr old ski goggle wearing, Michelin-starred chef from Bangkok that has the most amazing story and still going strong.

Jay Fai – Source


2 Seasons; 16 Total Episodes

netflix travel shows
Ugly Delicious – Source

More travel and food? Why not! Ugly Delicious follows Award winning chef, David Chang’s, journey to some amazing culinary hubs around the world! It’s a mixture of a food and travel docu-series with a very specific and different point of view. Beyond just getting into the tastes, they really experience the food through understanding it’s origin, the personal connections people have with the food while tackling cultural issues.

My Opinion: I haven’t watched this show yet but it’s definitely on the list because first, Netflix keeps recommending it to me, and second I’ve heard only great things about it. I’ll be sure to have snacks ready when watching!


3 Seasons; 18 Total Episodes

netflix travel shows
Tales by Light – Source

Ever seen a breathtaking travel photograph and wondered how the heaven it was taken? Well, ask no more because Tales by Light documents the journey behind capturing some spectacular travel photographs. If you’re a photographer or just love a gorgeous photo, you’ll love this series!

My Opinion: It’s one thing to see an image, it’s another thing to understand the effort it sometimes takes to get one picture. I’m only a couple of episodes in and it’s gorg to watch and super insightful to get in the heads of some great photographers.

netflix travel shows
Tales by Light – Source


Anything with Anthony Bourdain in it is a given!! Watch it with immediate effect (if you can find it). From The Layover to Parts Unknown, he took us to some of the least know and some times, war torn, place in the world! They’re no longer on Netflix so you have to find them somehow.

I hope you all enjoyed this post about Netflix travel shows you can watch to keep your wanderlust going in this perilous time. If you liked it, the best way to support is by SHARING SHARING SHARING!!!


Until Next Time, Stay safe, Wash your hands and Isolate!


    • I loved You and I love Sabrina! Even though Sabrina is a little evil haha my guilty pleasure

    • You’re very welcome! Haha we all need a little break, hope you’re keeping safe

  1. I really want to watch street food now! It sounds super cool. Also the restaurants on the edge sounds fun.

    • I loved Streetfood, I personally loved the stories, made it so much more special! You’ll love both of them!

  2. Excellent suggestions! I watch any good documentary that Netflix puts up! Street Food and Ugly Delicious are amazing. I think that Salt Fat Acid Heat is really good, too! Now excuse me while I go binge watch extraordinary homes ?

    • Ohhh Never heard of Salt Fat Acid Heat! I’ll definitely look and be watching that. Haha I love extraordinary homes, you’ll love it too i hope!

    • Thank you so much! YEs Netflix was getting bit boring so I love these shows for some variety!

  3. Love love love this list! I literally finished The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes a few MINUTES ago! I started Minimalism, but I think Restaurants on the Edge will definitely be next. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much!!!! Haha look at the synchronicity! Oooo minimalism, I’ll add that to the list too. Happy binging haha!

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