On the 14th of November, I got invited by the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) to an Influencer evening at The Ivy in Manchester. As you can imagine I was super excited! After spending the evening with Renee and Lisa from the GTA, I left not only entertained but also, with so many reasons we should visit Grenada. It isn’t one of the better-known Caribbean islands, probably because it spans only about 133 square miles. However, it’s an island you should know! Small but packs a mighty punch, here are 6 reasons to visit Grenada! (If you missed my last post on choosing airbnbs, check it out here)


Some Quick facts…

Grenada, Carriacou, & Petit Martinique make up Grenada and is located in the south of the Caribbean, southwest of Barbados. It has a population of about 110,000 people combined. It takes about 4 and a half hours to drive from one end of the Island! Grenada’s lush terrain and skyline isn’t filled with skyscrapers, instead, the landscape is populated with tropical gardens and lush forests. It sits outside the hurricane belt meaning it rarely gets affected but the hurricanes that hit the Caribbean. 

Reasons to visit Grenada

One great reason to visit Grenada is that it’s not pretentious or fake. When people think of a Caribbean getaway, they don’t think of Grenada because it’s not on most tourist’s radars. But it’s great because it doesn’t get overwhelmed with crowds and as a result, has retained its authentic Caribbean charm. If you haven’t heard of Grenada before, come on and discover some great reasons to visit Grenada ASAP! 

1. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches

Stunning white and black sand beaches stretch all over the islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Grenada beaches are what dreams are made of; with Grand Anse beach being one of the most acclaimed and beautiful in the whole world! This 2-mile stretch of beautiful white sand with turquoise blue waters will truly take your breath away! 

Other great beaches include La Sagesse beach further away from the tourist areas offering more privacy. Anse La Roche Beach in Carriacou featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean films has beautiful coral reefs. The secluded Morne Rouge Bay is perfect for paddleboarding. Spending your days lounging on the beach, with clear waters is one of the great reasons to visit Grenada. 

Reasons to visit Grenada
Grand Anse Beach
Reasons to visit Grenada
La Sagesse Beach
Reasons to visit Grenada
Morne Rouge Beach

2. The people and vibrant culture

People make a place. No matter how beautiful a place is, it always comes down to the people when you reminisce on your experiences anywhere. From interacting with Lisa and Renee from the GTA, they exuded warmth, and a sense of pride. It was infectious! So I can only imagine how accommodating the locals will be! This is on of the reasons even I can’t wait to visit Grenada.

It can be scary visiting a new country, especially when they don’t speak English. But you don’t have to worry here as English is the main language spoken. Yet another reason to visit Grenada! The people are genuinely interested in getting to know you and ensuring you have a lovely experience there. 

3. The Rainforests and Waterfalls 

Luscious tropical forests and a varied eco-system, Grenada provides the perfect chance to be at one with nature. One-ninth of Grenada’s landmass is preserved as parks and natural wildlife sanctuaries which give plenty of variety to explore. Go hiking through the Grand Etang Forest Reserve with the terrain culminating in the woodlands on the Reserve’s mountains. It’s also the only home outside of West Africa to have the Mona Monkey. There are other sites like Levera National Park, Sulphur springs and more to explore! 

Grand Etang Reserve (Source: exploregrenada.com)

4. Lots of adventure

Thrill awaits you in Grenada! There are plenty of opportunities to get into adventure, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or not, there’s something for everyone. You can get into activities like hiking, off-roading, river tubing, boat adventures, paddle boarding, snorkelling. The list is endless! For diving, you’ll be captivated by the plethora of marine bio-diversity. There are endless coral reefs, the world’s first underwater sculpture park, shipwrecks and over 50 diving sites to keep you enthralled. 

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park
River tubing (Source: Islandroutes)

5. Amazing food

As it’s known as the “Spice Island”, a great reason to visit Grenada would be to sample the delicious food! Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters of nutmeg, you can get spices to take home from the spice markets. The national dish is Oil Down, a stew made with coconut milk, breadfruit, vegetables, spices, chicken or fish. The coconut milk is cooked down bringing out the oil, hence the name, oil down! Also, try a Roti filled with curry goat.

Oil Down

One of the other great reasons to visit Grenada is that It’s a chocoholic’s heaven! Grenada’s chocolate is delicious! It has higher cocoa content and less sugar than most chocolates so it’s even healthier haha! There are several opportunities to see how it’s made from farm, sample some of the finished product and buy some.

reasons to visit grenada
Source: Grenadachocolate.com

6. The festivals and parties

Although the pace of life is slower in Grenada, they sure know how to party! And if you do too, its’ yet another reason to visit Grenada! The calendar is chucked full events like the Pure Grenada Music Festival, Sailing and fishing festivals, Grenada Chocolate festival held in May, and so much more. One of the most important events that signified the end of the summer is the Spicemas, peaking in the second week of August. This festival is the ultimate celebration of Grenadian culture with street dances, colourful outfits, concerts, and pageantry. Get involved in all the parties and events, lime with the locals and experience Grenada!

reasons to visit grenada
Source: (uncommoncarribean)
Source: (puregrenada)

Whether you want romance, adventure, diving, great food, authenticity, in Grenada, there’s truly something for everyone. In Grenada, life is PURE- Peaceful, Unadulterated, Rejuvenating and Easy-going, all great reasons to visit Grenada! Also. a big thank you to the Grenada Tourism Authority for inviting me to learn more about this distinctive island. I hope to visit very soon! 

For more information on Grenada, visit the official tourism website.

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  1. This was such an informative post! I want to do a tour of the whole Caribbean but to be honest, I knew very little about Grenada. You’ve defo sold it to me sha ?

    • Ayyyy thank you so much for reading girl!! And I’m glad I sold it to you, me and you both! If I see a cheaper ticket to Grenada, I’ll send it to you too lol ??

  2. I knew nothing of Grenada and I have been to the Caribbean going to the usually locations. This is definitely on my lest of places to visit with my family!

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