It’s a new year woooop!! And it’s that time that everyone writes their new year resolutions. If you’re a travel addict or even if you’re just getting into it, one thing on your mind is how to travel more often. And, if you’re anything like me you think about this all the time haha. You may have been wondering what practical tips you need to make you travel more often, so I’ve put together 6 tips some ways that you and I can travel more often!


1. Plan Plan Plan

Now I’m speaking from experience here (cue the violins). This is the main reason that I travelled only 3 times in 2019 and they were all Europe trips! I’m a last minute traveller and it’s worked for me in the past but not this year. You don’t have to wait to start booking, the early bird catches the worm (not always, but most). The earlier you start setting things in motion, the better!

Practical Action: Get a book/journal, write the number of leave days you have and the destinations you would like to visit. Use the Google flights Explore Map (I talk about this in my Travel 101 post about booking cheap flights) and Skyscanner Map to find to when its cheap to travel and where.

travel more in 2020
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2. Let Price determine your Destination

Usually, we pick where we want to go, when we want to go then search for flights. Scrrrrrrrrrr Stop! How about you do things the other way round? Be open to a range of new destinations, be a bit flexible with dates and the savings could be huge! Doing this will get you on your way to seeing more in of the world in the new year!


3. Take advantage of Bank Holidays and Evening Flights

A great and easy way to travel more often is to use those public holidays to travel! I know, you’re thinking this is quite obvious. Buuut if you’re anything like me, you’ve wasted most bank holidays in your bed wishing you had booked a trip. You save your leave and see a new place, what’s not to love??

Practical Action: Book an evening flight a day or two before so you take little or no leave. For example, there’s a bank holiday on the 8th of May. So, if you book an evening flight on the 6th of May, I could get a 3 or 4 day holiday with only 1 leave day taken!

4. Take frequent Shorter trips

If you work full time, chances are you have a limited number of leave days and if you use them all at once, wow, hell for the rest of the year lol. Using one or two here and there means you’re gonna travel more often! With travelling around Europe being as cheap as chips, you can save your days for long haul trips to Africa, Asia or further out!

5. Get your money up

Oh money, Lord Jesus provide it! If you want to travel more often you need some of it! For the people that have been detty-ing their December, money is the last thing you want to talk about considering January lasts 40 days and 40 nights! The best thing you can do to afford to travel more often and beyond is to start budgeting for travel as you’re reading this!

Still treat yourself, God knows I’m all about that but also think about the things you want to do going forward. Don’t let momentary enjoyment mess up your future travel plans.

Practical Action: Open a savings account specifically for travel or open a pot on your Monzo card for travel saving. Decide what that amount will be and make sure you set it up automatically.

travel more in 2020
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6. Consider Cheap Destinations. 

Most of us have dream destinations like Fiji or Seychelles but those aren’t the cheapest to visit (trust me, I checked lol). If you want your money to stretch then head to cheap destinations. Places like Thailand and most South east Asian countries, some parts of Africa, eastern European countries and more can be in your travel plans!

Practical Action: Do some research on the cheapest destinations to visit before booking. and bear in mind that just because the ticket might be cheap doesn’t mean it’s cheap to visit.

travel more in 2020
Bangkok (Source: Unsplash)


These are 6 things you can do to prepare yourself to travel more often. I hope 2020 will be our year of travel, who knows maybe you’ll travel with me! OMG!!! Subscribe and follow me so you never miss anything.

Until Next Time xx


  1. Love this article. I’m a big proponent of letting the price determine my destination too cause there are still sooooo many places I haven’t visited, I’m focusing on where I can maximise experiences for cost.

    • Thank you! Yes!!! As people that haven’t yet hit the lottery we really have to balance the two lol

  2. This has really helped my husband and I to see that are travelling goals for 2020 is possible. Thank you. Enjoyed reading it too

    • Ayyyy My husband and I, yasss Candice!!! Love it! Yay I’m glad you enjoyed it too and that it’ll help you this year !

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