In these times of self isolation, we are constantly looking for ways to be entertained. From reading to Netflixing to TikToks, literally, anything to not be bored! So why not listen to some podcasts?? I love listening to podcasts while I’m working, especially when I’m doing a super mundane task. So get your headphones or speakers and get into these podcasts that will entertain and inspire you during self-isolation and beyond!


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General Topics

1. I Said What I Said

Podcasts to entertain and inspire I said what I said Podcast

A Podcast by two 20-something Nigerian women, FK and Jolz, who are un-apologetically themselves while navigating life as women in an inherently patriarchal society. Phew! I think I did well explaining the pod haha.

It’s easily one of my favourite podcasts for many reasons. First, it is HILARIOUS! I’m always laughing when I listen, without fail. Second, I relate to the hosts. We’re Nigerian, similar ages, have similar experiences, what’s not to love! They discuss a range of topics with amazing guests to discuss everything from endometriosis, mental health, sex, dating to drugs and all through their very unique funny perspectives. This is one of the podcasts that will entertain and inspire you at the same time!!

Podcasts to entertain and inspire I said what i Said
The hosts – Jola & FK

Available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify & Soundcloud

2. 90s Baby Show

Podcasts to entertain and inspire 90s baby show
The Hosts – Fred & Temi

90s baby show is a Podcast by Fred & Temi discussing both modern day and past life experiences from the perspective of a 90s baby. They discuss real life issues that affect them as 90s babies; from work, sex, marriage, racism, family dynamics, growing up and everything else. This is another one of my favourite pods, just so damn funny! And they discuss some hard topics in a very lighthearted way and have some very interesting insights and most importantly, they don’t take themselves too serious. It’s always a ball of laughs!

Available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify & YouTube

90's baby show

Personal Development

3. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Are you looking for a podcast to inspire and open your mind? Then look no further, Oprah’s SuperSoul to the rescue! It turns conversations from Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday episodes with business leaders, politicians, entertainers and more, into podcast episodes. Some past guests include Michelle Obama, Shonda Rhimes, Malcolm Gladwell and so on! And Oprah gets real personal in these interviews so we leave opened up, inspired, uplifted and with a better understanding of living in your truth.

Available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast & Spotify

4. The GaryVee Audio Experience

The Garyvee Audio Experience is hosted by, you guessed it, Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee. The entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and CEO of VaynerMedia. I was late to hearing jumping on the Gary Vee train but I love his attitude! It’s a mixture of original content recorded for the podcast and other speeches, interviews & segments from his WeeklyVee video series and other show episodes. He doesn’t just discuss how to make money but also, the mindset of a successful, happy person and in a very honest and insightful way.

Available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify & SoundCloud

5. How I built this

Podcasts to entertain and inspire How I built this podcast

Hosted by Guy Raz, How I Built this gives insight into the stories of how some successful entrepreneurs and leading innovators go their start in business and what it took to become successful. Previous guests include designer Steve Madden, Lyft Founder John Zimmer, Ben & Jerry’s founders, Ben Coen and Jerry Greenfield and SO MANY MORE! If you’ve always been curious about the inner workings of some brands, looking into a side hustle or just want to develop yourself, listen to this!

Available on Google Podcast & Apple Podcast.

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6. Passing Through Podcast

Passing through podcast Nneka J Podcasts to entertain and inspire
The host – Nneka J

If you love beautiful storytelling, this is the podcast for you! Nneka J uses beautiful story telling to share travel and personal stories about love, loss and family. She shares the revelations these experiences gave her through these conversations spoken with her buttery voice. I absolutely love his podcast! Nneka has a way of inviting the audience in and making us feel like we’re there experiencing the feelings and taking in the sights with her. This is not one to miss!

The host’s mum

Available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify & SoundCloud

7. The Travel Diaries

Podcasts to entertain and inspire the travel diaries podcast

The Travel Diaries, hosted by Holly Rubenstein, dives into the travel experiences and adventures of a very wide range of guests from different industries. Holly and her guests take us on a journey from their earliest travel memory to unusual places they’ve visited to any off the beaten path recommendations. You don;t have to be a travel nut to appreciate this podcast but if you are, get ready to travel from the comfort of you home!

Available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast & Spotify.

8. Black Women Travel Podcast

This podcast shares and celebrates the stories of Black women from around the world with great travel stories. From digital nomads to 9 to 5ers that love travel, the podcast gives us an insight into how the yuse travel as a way to find themselves and connect with the world around them.

Available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast & Spotify.

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Until Next time, Stay safe xx

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