Prague isn’t usually a destination that comes to mind when thinking of destinations to visit. So you may be wondering how to plan a trip there, where to stay, things to do and so on. This travel guide to Prague will give you the details you need to spend your time in the best way. Let’s get into it!

prague travel guide

Getting to Prague

Getting to Prague is easy from most European cities. Flights from the UK are relatively cheap and for cheap flights, have a look at Google Flights and Sky Scanner for the best deals.

Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague is about 23-minute (17.2 km) drive from Prague Old Town. Getting into the centre isn’t difficult, however, there are no direct metro or train connection into the city. The only direct transport options available are local buses, taxis and the airport express bus.

In my experience, the easiest way to get into the city was by Uber. You can also arrange a transfer through Rideways via or other transfer companies. Uber is a lot cheaper than the local airport taxis so I wouldn’t advise just getting into an airport taxi.

Where to Stay in Prague

Deciding where to stay in Prague is important. Whether you pick a budget hotel, Airbnb or a luxury 5-star room, make sure it’s near the main attractions/old town. Prague is divided into different districts, Prague 1 (Old Town Square) to Prague 10. Prague 1 being the most central and costing more than Prague 10.

I found an AMAZING aparthotel for a great price in Nova Mesto (New Town) in Prague 1. MOOo Downtown is a great place to stay in Prague. Its about 15 mins walk into Old Town, super stylish, spacious and clean. A 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms cost us £65/person for 3 nights. Bargain! They also have another Aparthotel on the other side of the river, MOOo by the Castle which is also a superb choice!

MOOo Downtown
MOOo Downtown

Getting Around Prague

Prague is not a big city and most tourist spots are close together, so getting around by foot is super easy. If you happen to stay outside the centre, they have a great and affordable tram & bus system.

The Metro ticket options range from: 24kc for 30 minutes, 32kc for 90 minutes, 110kc for 24 hours and 310kc for 72 hours. If you’re planning to hop on and off the tram to see sights and very little walking, I’d suggest the 24 hours ticket. There’s also the Prague Card that offers unlimited access to public transport as well as discounted entry into various attractions.

When to Visit Prague

The best time to visit Prague is in late spring or early winter, just before and after the peak tourist season i.e. the second half of May, June and September. For cooler temperatures, visit in May or September, perfect weather for sightseeing and smaller crowds.

Peak Season in Prague begins in late June and ends in August where the city is super busy (and more expensive). If you like super hot temperatures, then peak season is the time to visit. Shoulder Season starts in mid-March to May; September and October. Low Season starts in mid-November to mid-December, early January to mid-March.


Recommendations for exploring Prague

In my last post, I talked about how you can spend a weekend in Prague and some of the things you should do. Make sure you check that out for some activity inspiration!

I Wish I’d Known…

How busy summer actually is! It’s VERY busy and considering I visited during Covid, I expected it to be less busy. So I can’t imagine what it was like pre-covid! If you want to avoid crowds, keep reading for the best times to visit Prague! In my  things to know before visiting Prague post, I share some more things that you should know before you visit.

What to Eat in Prague

No Prague travel guide would be complete without some food! Food is such a fun and insightful way to discover a city through. Prague doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to food, however, there are some great things to try on your visit here!

First thing you must have is the Trdelnik! It actually originates in Romania but it’s common place in Prague. It’s made by wrapping some dough around a stick, heating it over a flame until golden brown and then rolled in cinnamon sugar and filled! It can be either a sweet or savoury filling! It is seriously delicious!

prague travel guide

Pork knuckle is probably the most famous dish in Czech cuisine. They usually boil the meat, marinate it in some herbs, pour some nice dark beer, and then let it roast. Here in Prague, pork knuckle is usually served with potatoes, and vegetables. If you are thinking about what to eat in Prague then you’ve definitely got to try pork knuckle!

Pork Knuckle

How Affordable is Prague?

This Prague travel guide wouldn’t be complete without some money talk! Prague is one of the cheapest European countries I’ve ever visited! But it can also be as expensive as you want it to be. The average breakfast cafe will cost you about €6 to €12, depending on the restaurant. Dinner at a fine dining restaurant on average would be about €30 to €40 for a two course meal and a drink.

I’d say for a two-day trip (after flights and accommodation), €100-€150 is a good price guide for exploring Prague but if you do fewer activities, it’s cheaper. I spent under £100 during my two day trip so in my opinion, Prague is super affordable!

Good to Know About Prague

Currency & Money- Although the Czech Republic is in the EU, they use the Czech Crown or Koruna, not Euros (£1= 29kc and $1= 23kc). You’ll get a better rate if you change money in Prague instead of your home country. Also you’ll get a better rate if you withdraw from a cash machine than from a currency exchange store.

Language – Czech is the official/native language in the Czech Republic; (duh right lol). However, English is pretty widely spoken so you should have no issues communicating. Also ,a lot of restaurants have an English menu if you ask.

Safety- I found Prague generally safe and we didn’t have a local guide during our stay. However, always be cautious, don’t leave your bags unattended and you’ll be fine! Tap water is drinkable here, I did this a few times and I was completely fine.


Prague can be the perfect place to spend a long weekend and I hope you use this as a travel guide to Prague and exploring it! If you have anything else to add after your visit to Prague, add it in the comments!

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prague travel guide
Prague travel guide

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  1. I have visited Prague such a long time ago, I would love to go there again! This city has changed so much! Thanks for all the tips and info!

  2. Love this guide to Prague, one of my favorite cities and I am so keen to get back there and explore more. Great shout out for Pork knuckle, such a great local dish.

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