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I’m not sure how you found this blog, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m so glad you did! A very warm welcome and a big thank you for coming!

So, who am I exactly?

My name is Bisola and I’m a Nigerian girl, born and raised. Well until I was 15 when my family moved to the UK where I now live and work. My days are mostly spent pursuing a career as a full-time railway engineer. And I have been determined to make the most of my 28 days annual leave seeing as much of the world as I can! Thou shalt never be an annual leave waste! When I was a broke student in uni, I had all the time but no money to travel; now I’m working, not enough time! Life just feels like a huge practical joke sometimes doesn’t it? So, I spend my lunch breaks browsing flights to random destinations (shhh! Don’t tell my boss ?)

I created BistotheWorld as a resource so that everyone can live an aspirational yet attainable life. Your standards on lifestyle, travel, fitness, and beauty shouldn’t have to be lowered based on a budget.

Where did the travel love come from?

Well, my mum is probably the source. She made sure she took us on holidays within Nigeria and resorts in our state, Lagos and sometimes abroad. She always said she wanted us to have mind opening experiences (shout out to you mum! xx). My mum also owned a travel agency in Lagos, and I have fond memories spending summers there learning how to book flights, eventually booking flights for customers and accompanying her on airport runs. I couldn’t wait till it was me on those numerous flights out!

Why did I start blogging?

I’m passionate about helping people, in whatever way I can, which has seeped into what this blog has transformed into. I started this blog as a way to push myself way out of my comfort zone (Check out my very first post for more about this) and also share my experiences travelling with a full-time job and as a black woman. This blog has now become a means for me to inspire and help as many people as I can to pursue their passions while seeing the world.

What can you expect?

I’m frugal lol I’m the friend that hunts down the best deals available for anything but I also like a little luxury you know, baby girl for life! So, I find deals without lowering my standards and you can too! I’ll be sharing tips on how to enjoy Affordable Luxury when you travel! There will also be detailed travel guides, lifestyle, lots of helpful tips and guest inspiration. If you want honest info on different locations, practical tips and some laughs along the way, this is the blog for you!

I hope that I inspire and educate you on how you can also make your life feel as beautifully aspirational and attainable.

I want this to be a safe space where we can connect and interact with other; travellers and like-minded people, people that love to travel and don’t let their job or budget stop them from pursuing that passion. Look at me like your best friend with all the honest tips, tricks, reviews and advice. You work hard and should know you’re spending money on experiences and products that ware worth it.

So, don’t be shy to send me a message or leave a comment. Promise I’ll get back to you, scouts honour!

I hope you’ll be inspired to live happy, pack a bag and go see the world!

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