So, men moving mad, I mean what’s new? LMAO! If you thought men only move mad in your city, homagash, please think again. They move mad all around the world sis, you’re not the only one. Now, in this post, I’ll be sharing two stories that I either heard or experienced while in Bordeaux. So, let’s get into the stories of men moving mad in Bordeaux. Names will be changed or made up because, you know, I’m a respectful child and honestly, I can’t fight.

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Let’s start with Celia*…  

I left my Airbnb on my first morning in Bordeaux trying to make a free walking tour I had booked. I was running late because I decided to have a lie in, after all, I’m on holiday right. Got to the meeting point about 5 mins late and the group was nowhere to be seen. I tried imagining what route they might take and see if I could catch up but zero! So, I went to the Bordeaux Cathedral square, sat and tried to re-plan the rest of my day. In about 10 minutes, I decided to go to Saint-Émilion and do vineyard tours. So off I went to the train station. Stupidly, I didn’t check train times, I just assumed they would be quite frequent.


I got to the beautiful Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station, found the ticket office and asked what time the next train to Saint-Émilion was. The ticket officer tapped away on his keyboard then looked up at me saying I had just missed one and the next one was 2 hrs away. My heart sunk. This was my Plan B and it had become a shambles. So, I smiled, said ‘Merci’ to the nice ticket man and moseyed on to the waiting area to charge my phone, take a break and plot my next move.


Act up you can get snatched up…

As I sat on the comfortable leather seats in the station, I had the bright idea to record my poor experience with my Airbnb host and make the most of my time waiting. As I finished my storytelling session and now fully engrossed in the Instagram void, scrolling from page to page, doing amebo (busy body), this lady come up to me asking to use my phone.  I look up and she says, “Excuse me, sorry to disturb you but would I be able to use your phone?”. I immediately said “Sure, what do you need to do?”. There began the 2-hour whirlwind that ensued.

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Let’s start what we have come to do

She sat next to me with all her suitcases and bags and asked if she could use the internet to get on Facebook. I said she could, opened the web explorer for her and continued with my Instagram amebo. After a little while, it seems like she was struggling, so I asked if everything was alright and it turned out she was trying to log into her facebook on my phone, but it was asking for 3 methods of verification the she could provide.

In that moment, I asked why she didn’t have her phone and she goes on to tell me about her boyfriend. She had left her boyfriend that morning. She had enough and decided to pack her things, leave him, move out and get on the train to her sister near Paris. To stop her from leaving, he took her phone and bank card, but she left anyway, and in return, she took his car keys.

The issue she had now was she had no way to get in touch with her sister to get the ticket confirmation and print her train ticket. We tried messaging and calling her sister through my Facebook but because we weren’t friends it wouldn’t go through. Her sister doesn’t have Instagram or any other social media, so we move on to trying any friend’s numbers she has memorised. We call the number over and over again and no answer.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Victory at last…

At this point she’s visibly trembling, asking if there were any bruises on her face and starts talking about her possibly going back to the house because she doesn’t know what else to do. My eyes open wide and I say firmly, “absolutely not!”. We were going to figure this out even if I had to stay there all day with her. I then ask her about her parent’s, does she remember their number and she says no. But she starts searching her bag for something and after about 10 minutes she brings out a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on it, screams happily and starts crying. I ask what it was, and she said it was her parent’s number and as she dialled it, her whole body shook. When she heard her mother’s voice, she broke all the way down, crying and speaking French incoherently. After she calmed down, she scribbled her sister’s number and finally called her. She came back beaming with the ticket raised high in her hand as a sign of victory.

Photo by Gursimrat Ganda on Unsplash

You’re better than me sis…

She sat back down and said she had to call her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to return his car keys. I asked why, because obviously if it were me, I would’ve either traded the keys for my stuff back or just threw it away. But she kept saying she felt bad and he needed his car for work. So, she called him a million times until he picked up and came to the station.

Photo by Viktor Theo on Unsplash (HIS CAR WAS NOT THIS NICE, HE WISHES LMAO)

When he arrived, she asked me to hide her ticket because if he saw it, he would tear it up. She went out with him, I saw hands flying, then, she just walked away. There were about 20mins till her train departed, so we got some food and I walked her to the platform, ensured she got on the train and waited till it departed. I got a text ,later on, that day from her sister’s number saying she got there okay. After I was just stunned, men really outchea moving mad! Till this day I don’t know her name or number, so I hope she’s doing well.

Finally, we’ll talk about Jess’* story…

I met Jess also on my first day while I was sat in front of the Place d’eau, taking a break and scouting for the perfect candidate to ask to take my picture. I was sat there for almost 20 mins, not finding anyone alone that looked like they had the time to have their day interrupted. As I was about to give up and move on to the next location, I saw Jess dressed very stylishly and also alone, JACKPOT! I go speak to her and ask if she could take my picture, complimenting her on her style. She smiles back and immediately agrees to and asks if I’m visiting Bordeaux alone.

I say yes and she gets very excited saying “me too!”. We chat as she takes my pictures and I in return take hers we part ways for a little while. I was too engrossed going through my pictures to notice that she was sat right behind me, so I’m startled when she returns. She comes to sit next to me, and we get talking. She asks why I’m there alone, I tell her, and I ask the same question back.


Men really moving mad

She smiles and laughs her very colourful laugh and starts with “Sooooo”. Once a story starts that way, get the popcorn, wine and get comfortable because you’re in for a good one! My interest was piqued, and she goes on to say it wasn’t planned as a solo trip. She had met a beautiful man while travelling earlier in the year. They shared the most romantic time travelling through the south of France, like something out of a movie. They were smitten. Nothing like sun and sea to keep romance burning and, they kept in touch after both returning to their respective home countries.


Back home, Jess is still smitten, she can’t wait to see her handsome man again. She’s talking to him and they plan a meetup in Bordeaux, so Jess books her ticket. She posts pictures of their time together on Instagram, you know, living life. After a few pictures, she gets a DM from a woman asking her to stop posting pictures of them together stating she’s the handsome man’s girlfriend! She’s surprised but handles it very well. The handsome man then calls her to say she shouldn’t book her ticket to Bordeaux as he wouldn’t be meeting her there. She’s upset, annoyed and can’t change her ticket at this point so she decides to come to Bordeaux anyway and enjoy her time.

Source: Unsplash

Imagine that

All through the story, my mouth was just open, imagine me buying a ticket to go and meet a boy I had met, and it turns out he has a girlfriend and he won’t be meeting me there, I’m SCREAM! But I would so the same thing as Jess and go on holiday anyway.

Jess and I ended up hanging out the whole day and went out with a guy she met earlier in the day and his friend. Now, these guys were great! Gentlemanly, sweet, didn’t let up pay for anything, we had a great time with them! So, see ehn, there’s always balance in this world!

We’ve come to the end of Storytime! I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that there are men moving mad AROUND THE WORLD. So, don’t feel bad sis, it’s not just your city. However, there are also moving quite sane around the world so please look for those, okay! Love you guys and thanks for reading!

If you have any men moving mad stories, please drop them in the comment sanction below and let’s laugh together!

Until Next time xx

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