Road trips are always exciting ways to travel around and explore the world. Unfortunately, a lot of us are unable to afford one of these trips. It costs a lot of money to travel around and see different cities or countries, so we settle for cheap city breaks instead. However, it is possible to plan a road trip on a tight budget. There are a few smart things you can do to keep the costs as low as possible.

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Avoid Hotel Stays 

Hotels are super expensive, especially if you’re staying in a new one every night. Instead, plan your road trip to avoid them as much as you can. Look for more affordable accommodation options – like hostels. They’re way cheaper and you get to enjoy staying with other travellers, so it’s great for your social life. 

Depending on your budget, you may also entertain the idea of getting a caravan or mobile home. There are some cheap used caravans for sale online, meaning you get a place to stay for free during your trip. It enables you to stay places for longer as well because, you aren’t paying to sleep somewhere every night! So, it may seem like an expensive thing initially but it helps you save money on future road trips. 

Travel by land where possible

If you can, try to spend your whole trip travelling by land. Trains and other forms of public transport are usually way cheaper than travelling by air. Plane tickets are super costly – plus you always have to keep paying for your luggage, which is a rip-off. 

On a train, you get one ticket and that’s it. Plus, and this is a bit sneaky, if your train ticket doesn’t get checked or scanned, you might be able to refund it through whichever app you bought it on. Thus, you could save even more money!

Get some friends together

Solo travel is always more expensive than group travel. Why? Because you’re paying for everything on your own. Staying in hostels or AirBnBs is way cheaper when you have a group of mates. You can split the costs between you, making the experience more affordable and way more comfortable. In fact, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to have a luxury travel experience yet still save money when you’re in a group. 

Think about it, a lot of rail companies offer group tickets that provide you with discounts. Whenever you go out to eat, you can split the bill between you. If you need to buy food to bring back to your accommodation, you can split it. Everything is more affordable and you get the joy of being with your friends on a road trip. 

When you play your cards right, you can plan your road trip on a tight budget. Yes, you will still need to spend some time saving up for the trip. But, that’s the same for pretty much any big holiday. You can’t spend your money like crazy and expect to afford nice things! Follow these tips and you will definitely be able to do your road trip for less.

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