So, you’re planning a trip to a new city, tickets booked and your friend drops out at the last minute! Your heart drops to your bum at the thought of going alone but you decide to brave it anyway.

Whatever the reason is that you’re considering solo travel, YAY YOU! You can’t waste that ticket money and you need a break from work. Or you’re just tired of waiting on friends to be ready and you decide to take the plunge by yourself. All I can say is a massive well done on taking the first step! Dance party!

Hagia Sofia Thessaloniki

A variation of the first scenario was the beginning of my first solo adventure to Thessaloniki in June 2018. As I took my first steps into uncharted solo travel territory, I had a lot of questions! Is it safe to visit as a woman? How do they feel about black people? How am I going to get any pictures? Will I be lonely? Here are some practical tips (that I used) to help you with preparing for your first solo trip!


Preparing for your first solo trio of course starts with the location. Now mine was already picked and it turned out to be perfect for a solo travel. Your experience is the most important part of the trip. Beyond even the destination because hey, you’re already doing this thing solo no need to make things anymore difficult! So do research to ensure you pick a place you’ll be comfortable in. Check the news, safety stats, blog posts and so on. My first solo jaunt was a 3 day trip and I would fully recommend a similar amount of time for a first timer. Enough time to see the city and also get your feet wet with solo travel in a comfortable way.

Picking where to travel solo
So many choices! (Photo credit: Unsplash)


Once again, research is so important when you’re preparing for your first solo trip. It makes you feel so much more confident because you pretty much know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Plan your trip so you arrive before dark. If you do arrive when it’s dark, get a taxi for safety so you’re not wandering through streets alone with luggage. I stayed in an Airbnb because they were so much cheaper than the hotels for a single person (damn you single occupancy surcharge).

If you can, stay in an Airbnb with a female host (it’s sad we have to think like this). I did a ton of research on what to do, what & where to eat, what to see. I came up with an itinerary for those 3 days so I never felt bored or lost. I’ll share this in one of my upcoming posts.

Planning for your first solo trip
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Travel insurance is probably one of the most forgotten things when planning a trip. Mainly because we think most likely nothing will happen but it’s actually one of the most important things to get no matter how long your trip is and most especially if you’re travelling solo. Depending on the policy you get, it can cover lost luggage, cancelled flights, falling ill or injuries overseas or cutting your trip short because of an emergency.. It’s also very affordable; I got mine for £3.15 for my three day trip to Greece, approximately £1 a day!


I downloaded offline maps on both Google maps and Google offline maps was particularly helpful because before I left, I found all the places I wanted to see and best places to eat, saved and labelled them on the map so I could see them all at a glance! When I got hungry, I would whip out the map and look for what was nearest to me from my saved options. This meant I ate the best Greek food ever and saw the most amazing sights and didn’t waste time trying to look for Wi-Fi to do any searches! In case you missed my previous post on must have travel apps, definitely give it a read here.

Planning for your first solo trip


Of course solo travel is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing the world at your own pace but it’s also important to trust your gut. Preparing for your first solo trip is all about safety. So whether it’s being alert when someone is walking behind you at night or some questionable looking food, be alert! You’ll only regret not following your gut, so definitely better safe than sorry. If you ever feel funny about anything, get out of it as soon as you can!

Sunsets and Candy Floss


If your parents or friends are anything like mine, they worry a lot about you, especially when you’re in a strange country by yourself! Try to make sure at least one person at home always knows that you are okay. You can also share your experiences on social media while you’re out and about but be careful not to tag restaurants or bars you are in at that moment for your own safety. Also, if your trip isn’t quite going to plan, it’s always great to talk to friends and family for some comfort.


It’s so easy for expenses to add up , a little snack here, bus ride there, museum entry, this stuff adds up! I always try to carry emergency money or “vex money” on holiday for emergencies. This time, I carried some cash and my Monzo card (really reccommend) which came in handy when I got bitten by a whole load of flies, the bites started to swell and I felt a little ill (Oh the joys of travel). I was able to use that money (as it was towards the end of my holiday and I was running out of money), to get myself some medication and ointments for the bites. Always factor in a few extra pounds/dollars into your budget so you’re never strapped for cash, especially when you’re alone.

money on your first solo trip
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Preparing for your first solo trip is also about preparing mentally to have an open mind. Although we’re taught not to speak to strangers, being alone has a way of making you way more open to doing just that and it can lead to some pretty memorable experiences. I met a few other solo travellers through a walking tour and when asked to hang out after, I said yes and had a great time with people I just met! This is also super important when it comes to mentally preparing to ask strangers to take your pictures, which you’ll be doing a lot of!

Archeological museum of Thessaloniki

Whether it’s an unexpected encounter with a Yoruba speaking Greek man by the beach (check out my Thessaloniki highlights on Instagram/IGTV for the video) or meeting a café worker that went to your university. You can have some pretty great encounters when you let yourself be open.


Although you do want to see the city in the few days you have, it’s so important to take a bit of downtime and chill! That doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in your hotel/Airbnb all day doing nothing. It could be getting the ferry to the beach with some snacks, drinks and a good book , watch the waves and sleep on the ferry ride back with the wind almost blowing your wig off haha). Or just treating yourself to a lovely dinner in a great restaurant. It’s so important to take some time to reinvigorate yourself so you return home feeling refreshed.

Relaxing on solo trip

Going solo can seem daunting but I hope I’ve been able to ease some of your fears when preparing for your first solo trip. Would any of you try travelling solo? If you have, share your experiences in the comments!

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