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Welcome to final post in the 3 day popping my solo cherry series in Thessaloniki! I hope you’ve enjoyed the first two days as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them and if you’ve missed them please go catch up here: Day One and Day Two! Day THREE: I decided I wanted to go to the beach before I even came, by hook or by crook; my feet were going to touch…

Welcome to Day 2 of popping my solo cherry in Thessaloniki! Before you go any further, make sure you’ve caught up on Day 1! I spent the day seeing some landmark sites and exploring Ano Poli or “Upper Town”, the oldest part of town. In its hilly windy charming roads lies the city’s soul, echoing the same contradictions as the city below. Quiet and lively, youthful and traditional, all seamlessly intertwined.…

Since we were in Malaysia and it’s only an hour flight, we thought Why not? Let’s go to Singapore! Singapore is definitely the most modern and cleanest city I’ve been to, you could literally eat off the streets. Littering carries a SG$1000 fine (Ouch!) which could also explain why it’s been named the most expensive city in Southeast Asia! But don’t let that discourage you from visiting this beautiful country. I hold my purse strings TIGHT and I had a great experience here without blowing the bank and soaking garri (ground cassava) when I got home.

There’s so much to do in Singapore and if you’re on a short trip like we were, here’s what I believe are some must dos to add to your Singapore itinerary:

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