As black travellers, there are always things to consider when travelling solo. But when travelling solo as a black woman, in addition to safety, we want destinations that are black woman friendly, where we will feel welcome and comfortable. It’s a question I’m frequently asked as a solo traveller myself, “Where’s a good place to visit solo?” To help you decide where to go, I’ve enlisted the help of some amazing female travel bloggers who travel solo often to share some destinations that they’d recommend for black women to visit alone.

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Travelling solo as a black female comes with it challenges. Like being labelled prostitutes in certain countries or being overtly sexualised. This list was particularly important for me to do because I want us to know there are places we can visit comfortably as black women travelling solo. So let’s get into the list of solo travel destinations for black women to visit! If you are a black female who’s considered solo travel, this is the post for you!

1. Barcelona, Spain

Contributed by Sarah of Sarah Toyin

A great solo travel destination for black women that I recommend is Barcelona, Spain! Barcelona is located in the east of Spain. The city is well known for its unique architecture and tourist attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, the National Palace and the impressive Montujic Fountain, the Gothic Quarter and last but not least well, the beach. 

I loved my solo trip to Barcelona as it was easy to get around and the weather was great. Barcelona seems to have something for everyone whether you are desiring to see unique architecture and historical locations, chill by the beach and relax or just simply travel to eat and explore the culture. Whatever you are looking for I don’t think you will be disappointed. I think it is important to note that Barcelona is quite a busy city so be alert as you would in any major city. 

The main reason I recommend Barcelona is because of how easy it is to get around via public transport, the consistent weather and the variety of things to do. 

2. Guatemala

Contributed by Jessica of The Ufuoma

I’d recommend Guatemala for a solo trip. Guatemala is a delightful country in Central America that’s home to some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in the world. This untapped gem will capture the heart of every traveler. I particularly loved Lake Atitlan – a beauty in the Southwestern region. The calming waters and scenic mountain views made my trip even more memorable.

I’d recommend Guatemala because the people are warm and welcoming and as a solo traveler, this will make you feel comfortable and at home. There’s also a lot to do there such that you’ll never get bored – again, something every solo traveler needs.

3. Panama

Contributed by Jess of Road to Culturedom

Panama is a lovely Central American country which I solo travelled to in Feb 2019 (to the capital Panama City). It’s culturally rich and has something for everyone. Due to its prime location, consider adding another country to your trip e.g. neighbouring Costa Rica or Colombia. You can pay using US dollars there and everything is fairly cheap. 

There’s so much to do in Panama. You can treat yourself to a nice hotel in the City Cente with a rooftop pool and take a dip! Stroll around the old colonial neighbourhoods e.g. Casco Viejo for sightseeing or fun bars at night. Visit the famous Panama Canal to learn about its complicated history and how it revolutionised the transit of ships around the world. Go on a short hike up Ancon Hill for beautiful views over Panama City. Explore nature beyond the Capital (I visited the stunning San Blas Islands). The food here is tasty too – don’t forget to try the Panamanian favourite Ropa Vieja

Getting around town is easiest and safest with Uber (especially at night). I generally felt safe as a black woman there and found speaking Spanish helped with this – just be streetwise as you normally would in any city!

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4. The Philippines

Contributed by Liza

I’d recommend The Philippines as one of the best solo travel destinations for black women, particularly the islands! Yasss give me palm trees galore hunni!! 

My favourite island that I’ve been too has to be El Nido for me I’ve been to others however this stood out for me the most. Not too big, backpacker friendly and if you want to go Lux it’s very much affordable. Friendly locals easy transportation, I mean hey just hire a scooter and just cruise away with the wind… 

The small and big Lagoon are a gem!! Crystal blue waters, enclosed with high rock cliffs. The people and other travellers always made me feel included and never out of place, I even forgot I was solo travelling at times.

5. The Gambia

Contributed by Hannah of Ajala on the move

One of the best solo travel destinations for black women is Gambia. Gambia is glorious! It is relaxing, the people are loving and chilled, the gender balance is awesome. And as a black woman spending over 6 months in West Africa, I was always the majority wherever so I blended in quite well! I loved that Gambia embraces all people from all backgrounds. I walked A LOT in Gambia to experience how safe it is there and I genuinely felt so safe the entire time.

Gambia is called the “Smiling coast of Africa” and I can see why! With a tiny population of about 2 million people, there’s so much to do! Whether you want to explore a bit of history, visit the famous Kunta Kinte Island or you want to bask in the glorious beaches or taste some local food, learn the local language, admire the architecture or learn what it was like under the former political regime. Gambia offers so much for every type of traveller.

It has this old, slow, natural relaxed feel that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. So it never feels too rushed and you can really immerse yourself in the experience of the Gambia. I loved immersing myself with the locals, connecting and learning the language and just really bonding. I can’t wait to return next year!

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Contributed by Pelumi Nubi

Stockholm, Sweden was my first solo experience and I would absolutely recommend it as one of the best solo travel destinations for black women. Sweden is nicknamed name  “Venice of the north”. It seems as if wherever you look, your gaze is met by water. Before you know it you are fully submerged into the Scandinavian way of life – Lagom – “Not too little. Not too much. Just right.” Everything should be done in moderation.

Sweden is super easy to navigate and you can explore on foot or using public transport. Each district has its own vibe and there is a high probability you will stumble on something that will spark your curiosity. One of the most unique things about taking the subway in Stockholm is that practically every station is an art installation – I have never stopped so many times on a train ride just to look around.  Finally, staying on the Malardrottningen Yatch was definitely the icing to the cake. I can’t recommend it enough!

7. Tokyo, Japan

Contributed by Victoria Alao

What I love about Tokyo is that it’s such a big city, there’s SO much to do and each neighbourhood like Akihabara, Shibuya & Shinjuku is almost like a downtown of its own. So there are many different pockets of downtown which I love. Also each neighbourhood has something unique and beautiful to offer. For example, there are some neighbourhoods that are really great for Anime fans with lots of Anime and novelty stores, Some neighbourhoods have lots of shrines, some with the cute-sy Harajuku vibes. There’s something different for everyone in Japan!

I think Japan is a great solo travel destination for black women because the people make you feel comfortable. While I was there, I didn’t even feel like I was a black woman in Japan because no one was staring at me strangely or trying to take pictures and I felt really safe all the time. I really think black women should visit Japan solo for that reason. When I visited, I stayed in a hostel and paid about $150 for my 2 week stay and the hostel was super clean because, I mean, Japan is pretty clean!

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8. Thessaloniki Greece

Contributed by Me, Bis!

solo destination black women

This post wouldn’t be compete without my own recommendation would it? So, I would 100% recommend Thessaloniki for black women to visit. Thessaloniki was the first place that I visited solo and I loved every single minute of it! Thessaloniki is a beautiful city with a very rich history and culture, amazing food and wonderfully vast sea views that’s easy to fall in love with. There’s so much to see and do from walking up into Old Town and enjoying the views over the beautiful city or walking down the beautiful waterfront and taking in the vibrancy of the city.

I’d recommend Thessaloniki because the people are very warm. I felt very comfortable throughout, no stares and I never felt unsafe while I was there. It’s extremely affordable as well which makes it even better for your pocket. The food, oh my gosh, amazing, you won’t run out of amazing places to eat!! You definitely won’t be bored in Thessaloniki, that I assure you!

We’ve come to the end!

We’ve come to end and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. A massive thank you to all the lovely ladies that contributed to this post! Make sure you check out their blogs for more of their solo adventures! If you’re thinking of solo travel destinations for black women, I do hope this post helps give some ideas!

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Until Next Time xx


  1. Definitely Japan! Even living there as a Black woman is great. Nice post! I really want to try going to Panama and Guatemala one day!

    • ah wow you live in Japan, that’s awesome! I’ve always heard good things about Japan, can’t wait to visit! Also, Same about Panama and Guatemala!

  2. It’s terrible that you have to think about that extra layer of “where will I be safe and comfortable while travelling?”. It’s something that I’ve never had to deal with, I just think about the safety aspect when I’m travelling on my own.
    This is a great round up of places, I’ve only been to Barcelona, which I loved, so it might be time to put a few more of these places on my list.

    • It is indeed but that’s the world we live in unfortunately but we find our way around it! I’ve been to Barcelona 3 times lol so that tells you how much I love it, will go back in
      a heartbeat!

  3. Lovely list of destinations you’ve put together! I have only been to a couple of these ones before, so I’m really jealous you got to experience them!

    • Thank you so much! Oh I wish I’ve gotten to explore all of them lol just Thessaloniki and Barcelona so far

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